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Wow. I cannot believe this day has finally come. This is dreams coming true right here! Maybe this post should be called 'Pheeewwwww'. 



This has been a HUGE huge project for me and in the end has taken about five months. Would you believe me if I said I initially planned to launch in between Christmas and new year?? And then again on Valentines day?? That's how far this project has been behind schedule! There were so many delays, mostly with my own perfectionism, for one collection I actually had four photoshoots before I was happy. But so worth it in the end. That's kinda been my motto all the way along. When I've had all the aches and pains of crawling round on my hands and knees for hours taking photos or when I've been sat at my computer for days getting a headache, 'It will be worth it'.  



There are over ninety pieces with loads more on the way. I have kimonos coming, body jewellery and five more collections already half sewn up!

I feel like these collections are so me. I know that sounds soooooo cheesy, but if I was a bra, I would probably be the low cut bra from the 'petal for your thoughts' collection. The one with the cute flat bow on. I think that might possibly be my favourite of all the pieces... but I could say that about so many of them to be honest!


Anyway, I hope you enjoy my Pick & Mix collections and get creative with your sets! Read what the whole 'Pick & Mix' thing is all about here.






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